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2Base caps are also commonly used as decorative panel mouldings. A cap mould is a generic term for a moulding that is designed to cap something off.

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2Are used to protect the base moulding from damage or to conceal imperfections such as uneven lines and cracks where the base moulding and floor meet.

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2Learn the basic interior trim terminology in this glossary from Van Millwork, a premier interior trim Baseboard: Moulding applied where the wall meets the floor.

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2Baseboard: Boards placed along the bottom of walls to conceal the place the floor and wall meet. Base Shoe: Molding used to hide irregularities or spaces along

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2backband: the outer moulding element of a door or window casing. baseboard: the moulding that conceals the joint between floor and wall. called a skirt board

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2Base moulding adds harmony and ties a room together. Used to soften the transitions from the floor to the wall, base mouldings provides architectural finishing

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2All the trim basics-start to finish-plus a clever way to get those miters tight .. in. base cap, and a 7/16-in. x 3/4-in. base shoe (see “Interior Trim Terms,” above).

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2In architecture the term base moulding is also referred to as baseboard, floor moulding, skirting board and mop board, generally these types of trim profiles are

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2Shop Menards for a great selection of interior and exterior mouldings for that great stunning ceiling medallions, floor mouldings and veneer and edge banding.

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2baseboard. A baseboard is a piece of wood molding that runs along the bottom of a wall. Where the bottom of a baseboard ends, the floor begins. A baseboard

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2Moulding and Millwork Terminology. Goodwin Company wood flooring, Base Shoes, Applied where the base moulding meets the floor. Protects the base from

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2Base Cap: A moulding applied atop a piece of base moulding flush with the wall to create a decorative look. It's sometimes used with baseboard. Base cap may

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2GLOSSARY OF MOULDING TERMS. BACK BAND - Rabbeted moulding surrounding the outside edge of casing; BASE - Moulding applied where floor and

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2Aug 19, 2008 Interior trim—the molding or millwork used to frame windows, doors, walls, floors, even ceilings—helps define the architectural style of a room.

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2Casing is a type of molding, typically used to trim the perimeter of windows and doors. Casing is typically less wide (tall?), but thicker than base

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2Time to Build - Interior Trim Glossary Baseboard Molding, Baseboard Styles, . 24 Best Ideas About Baseboards Styles & Base Moulding Ideas - Reverbsf.

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2A. top of page. B. Back Band--Outer moulding of door or window casing. Baseboard--Base moulding, used in decorative architecture, to protect the lower

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2Familiarize yourself with the terminology and the available trim options to complete Installing it near the floor or near windows where water or condensation

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2Moulding also known as coving (United Kingdom, Australia), is a strip of material with various Baseboard, "base molding" or "skirting board" — Used to conceal the General term for any molding at the top or "crowning" an architectu

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2Base & Floor Moulding. Chair Rail & Wall Trim. Columns & Posts. Crown & Ceiling Moulding. Door & Window Moulding. Exterior Millwork. Moulding Finishing

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2Bar Moulding – a rabbeted moulding used as nosing for a counter corner, specifically a bar; also bar nosing. BASE – a moulding applied around the perimeter of

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2Jun 7, 2018 “All the trim should be part of the same family, with similar detail and proportions,” he says. And since baseboards are adjacent to the floor, you need to make sure the two materials work together in terms of color and texture.

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2Moulding Examples; * Moulding Styles; * Moulding Terms; * Base Treatments for Windows Base Shoe. Molding used next to the floor on interior base board.

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2Interior Trim Term Shoe Mould Shoe moulding is a small piece of trim set tight against the floor and applied to the base. This is normally only done when the