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2ICNbuys Katana Samurai Sword Wood 29 inches. ICNBUYS 2 $19.99 Dual Kendo Shinai Bamboo Practice Katana Set Armory Replicas 2 $29.99 Blue Wakizashi High Carbon Steel Japanese. YJ COOL 2 $108.00 39" Spark Foam Samurai Sword Cream 2 .

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2High quality hard wood construction. Great for fencing practice. Red Dragon Armoury Synthetic Sparring Longsword, Silver by Red Dragon Armoury $73.45 $ 73 45 Prime .

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2True Swords stocks a wide selection of Practice Swords and Knives. Our bamboo kendo sticks, wooden bokkens, daitos, and foam weapons are great for training, mock sword fighting, or youths. Not sure where to start Visit our Practice Swords Guide

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2Our training swords are great for mock combat as well as learning to get the feel of a real sword with none of the dangers of practicing with steel. We carry many different types of training swords, our most popular being the synthetic kind which are made of .

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2Synthetic Sparring Swords Synthetic Sparring Swords Items 1 to 12 of 14 total Sort By Set Descending Direction . Red Dragon HEMA Synthetic Sparring Bastard Sword Excl. Tax: 39.17 Incl. Tax: 47.00 Add to Add to Cart HEMA Basket Hilt .

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2All you need in the beginning is a fencing mask and a practice sword (your partner needs one too). Practice swords come in a variety of materials: wood, synthetic, and steel. Wood is considered by some to be dangerous, as it does not bend on impact If you are .

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2High-Grade Synthetic Practice Swords Museum Replicas is proud to announce that we are now carrying these awesome practice weapons! If you're looking for some .

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2When it comes to practicing swordsmanship, training weapons are vital. After all, you do not want or need to use your sharp steel blade against a friend and peer - not when you can get the same effect by using a perfectly safe wooden sword or synthetic sword! That .


2Purpleheart Armoury Training Begins Here. The leading supplier in HEMA equipment, training weapons, and more since 1999. EXPLORE HEMA GEAR .

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2The most important items for a beginner are a practice longsword (known as a waster) and a fencing mask. . Whether your waster is synthetic or wood, it is critical that it be of correct length and proportion. An overall length of 44"-48" with a 36" blade and a grip .

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2HEMA / Sparring / Fencing Swords Steel and synthetic swords for the safe practice of western martial arts; including rapier, saber, longsword and everything in between. Interest in practice of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) is growing rapidly. We carry a .

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2Our SILK FENCING Type XIV Sword (in the E. Oakeshott Typology) is an excellent tool for practitioners of medieval fencing, sword and buckler (such as I.33), or 13th century sword and shield. We recommend that you use this simulator against a simulator of the .

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2European Weapons Two Handed Swords, Longswords, Viking Swords, Stilleto, Bucklers, Throwing Axes . NEW Fencing Side Sword SM22790 - MSRP: $299.00 in stock Lionheart Sword SH2367 - MSRP: $290.00 in stock Broadsword Belt - Left Hand 30% .

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2The lings synthetic training swords have been called the Swiss Army Knife of the Historical European Martial Arts world. The clever design allows for a multitude of different combinations of parts and colours to allow you to create the sword of your choice.

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2Synthetic weapon Home / Training weapon / Synthetic training weapon Synthetic weapons As a part of our fencing gear we introduce you our own modern interpretation of training weapons- synthetic weapons. Modern fencing equipment such as Dussack is now .

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2Wooden Vs Synthetic Practice Swords - Response to Skallagrim Apocalyptic Knights Loading. Unsubscribe from Apocalyptic Knights Cancel Unsubscribe Working .

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2Again, points are scored by striking your opponent only with the tip of the sword. But unlike in Foil fencing, you can strike any part of the body and there is no Right of Way rule. .

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2The official website for the Edinburgh Renaissance Fencing Academy - lessons in historical sword combat in Scotland's capital. Edinburgh Renaissance Fencing Academy .

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2Get wooden swords and synthetic swords that are perfect for training and getting down technique! On sale now only at Swordsoftheforge . Should you require a sword for practice fighting solely, consider Sword of the Forges Wooden Practice Swords. Made in .